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How you can donate


Why Back Pain?

Back pain is now the world’s leading cause of disability. It affects half the UK population in any given month and costs more than £50 million per day in NHS treatments, disability benefits and sickness absence. Because back pain is so common, many people have no idea how serious it can be. Every year more than 2 million people in the UK develop chronic back pain which doesn’t go away. Highly disabling chronic back pain has a profoundly damaging impact and is linked to higher rates of fatal heart attack, terminal cancer and suicide.

Anna Semlyen Yoga

Anna Semlyen, Yoga in York

Why BackCare?

BackCare is a unique charity – our mission is to turn the tide on back pain through our research, education and outreach activities. By donating to BackCare, you’re supporting a very worthy cause. We are very grateful for all donations and people can donate their time, effort or money in many different ways – whether that’s volunteering your skills, organising a fundraiser, running the marathon or simply popping a cheque in the post.

To make financial donation simple we use the trusted platform, Virgin Money Giving.