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Would you like to join BackCare?

BackCare is a charity established 47 years ago by a group of people who wanted to help back pain suffers.  Our patron is Prince Charles

  • We bring you the latest advice and research, from a broad range of health professionals into the causes, management and prevention of back pain.
  • We have extensive links with the NHS, Government Departments, industry and other voluntary organisations.
  • We recognise there is not one single solution to backpain.  We aim to give you a balanced viewpoint on the different therapies available.
  • As a Charity we can give you unbiased advice.
  • Our flagship back pain awareness week helps people understand the real problems of back pain sufferers.  Through the radio which reached over 5m listeners and had articles in a number of national papers)
  • We listen to our members and invite collaboration into research, into the causes, management and prevention of back pain.
  • Our board of trustees is made up of leading healthcare professionals