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Questions / Can I wear my back support belt all day?

Can I wear my back support belt all day?

I routinely lift 25kg sack by hand around the waist-to-chest height. Can I wear my back support belt for the whole working day?

One response to “Can I wear my back support belt all day?”

  1. A back support can be used to help prevent lifting type injuries and wearing a correctly fitting support is practiced by many workers involved in lifting in the workplace. A good quality support will have variable degrees of compressive support and when worn should be tightened when lifting and slackened or removed when not.
    However, a back support cannot replace correct and safe lifting technique and will not prevent an injury if you are lifting too much or incorrectly.

    Guide Lines For Using A Back Support Belt

    1. Be sure that your belt is properly sized, is comfortable and is appropriate for your tasks.
    2. Use your back belt together with the practice of correct and safe body mechanics and posture.
    3. Wear your back belt when necessary, but as little as possible. Tighten your belt only during the strenuous part of an activity. For light tasks loosen the belt. Remove your back brace while at home or on lunch breaks.
    4. Practise safe lifting and handling techniques and do not rely on your belt to increase your lifting capabilities.
    5. Always ensure you that have a qualified diagnosis for the cause of your back pain.

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